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  • bash$ tucnak (Shell prompt)

Tucnak is showing base configuration dialog:

Empty contest defaults

You MUST fill at least your callsign and locator. If you don't know your locator, you can find it here http://f6fvy.free.fr/qthLocator/fullScreen.php .

Filled contest defaults

Better is to fill all entries. You can do it later in menu <F9>, Setup, Contest defaults.

  • <F9>, Setup, Band options. Settings working bands. Is important to check QRV and category (Multi/Single/Check). It is suitable fill information of equipment
  • Press [ OK ] or <Enter>
Band settings
  • <F9>, Contest, New from wizard
  • Region I Standard Contest (or other one)
  • [ OK ]
Contest wizard
  • OK1MZM
  • 59001 (then is filling date and time automatically)
  • JN69PR
Working QSO
  • <Enter>
Worked first QSO
  • ...
  • <F9> Contest, Export as EDI
  • <F9> File, Exit
  • Send log to comitee. Log is saved in ~/tucnak/<date>/*.edi (~ is your home directory, under windows c:\tucnak)

Changing of bands is possible by <F9> Bands or CTRL + assigned character for band.

If you want to run Tucnak in the networking is necessary to have filled these items:

  • Contest callsign
  • Date of contest
  • Name of contest (case insensitive). This item is very important.