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[[Image:Skedwindow.png|none|frame|Sked dialog]]
[[Image:Skedwindow.png|none|frame|Sked dialog]]
Skeds are saved in [[Subwin_types#Skeds|Skeds]] window.
Skeds are saved in [[Subwin_types#Sked|Sked]] window.
=QRG for sked=
=QRG for sked=

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Sked function is called by Alt+S. You can press it from main input line or from QSO window. If no call is entered, last QSO is used.

Sked dialog
  • Band - choose band. Default is next higher band
  • QRG - frequency for sked in free form. Operator can set it by Alt+F.
  • Remark - enter details about sked (who call CQ, time of sked, ...)
  • Callsign - prefilled callsign of counterpart station
  • WWL - prefilled WW locator of counterpart station

Set band, Tucnak will fill QRG for band. Enter remark and press enter. On tucnaks with target band set read-write, notification window appears:

Sked dialog

Skeds are saved in Sked window.

QRG for sked

Allow to set your preffered QRG for sked. Enter clean frequency where you call CQ.

Press Alt+F to show this dialog:

Sked dialog

Enter your CQ frequency in free form.