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For using networking you must keep few rules.

  • Computers must be reachable on each other. Tucnaks communicate between itself by UDP broadcasts which are sending to all net interfaces which are known at time of program start.
    • Simple example is one ethernet segment.
    • But this is not necessary if you need to run Tucnak on router computer to spreed broadcasts around master.
    • It is possible to use more Tucnaks on one computers (server). Server is remote available from other computers throw telnet/ssh. Communication between Tucnaks are through lo (Local Loopback) interface.
    • Hint: if you use telnet/ssh to remote access try program screen, see Appendix B.
  • Master Tucnak is Tucnak which have lowest IP/port Address. Is recommended to have a master Tucnak on fastest part of network.
  • List of connected Tucnaks is visible in File-> Network info menu.
  • Attention! Is really necessary to have set the same time (plus minus few second) on all computers. In a long contest is necessary to install ntp daemons because of differents between individual computers may be a few seconds during 24 hours. Ntp daemon is described in appendix A.
  • Set the same contest, date of contest and name of contest in all Tucnaks.
  • If more Tucnaks run under one user then second Tucnak creates contest's directory <YYYYMMDD.1> This feature can't work under CygWin or on some net file systems.
  • If there are accomplished all conditions, Tucnaks begins to replicate contacts, DX spots and other.