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=Tucnak users=
=Tucnak users=
[http://ok2m.nagano.cz OK2M], [http://www.dr5a.de/equipment/ DR5A], [http://www.qslnet.de/member/ok5tr/ OK5TR], [http://ok1hra.nagano.cz OK1HRA], [http://www.m1cro.org.uk/ G0VHF/M1CRO], [http://www.g1ogy.com/ G1OGY],[http://www.ok2fug.com/?p=117#more-117 OK2FUG], [http://ok1rca.tym.cz OK1RCA], [http://www.landshut.org/members/db1ras/funkfreunde/contestdl1e.htm DL1E], [[User:Dl5ybz|DL5YBZ]], OK2AIA, HG6Z, OM0AMI, [[User:UR6LAD|UR6LAD]], OK1KQH, OM3KEG, [http://www.f8kth.fr F8KTH].
[http://ok2m.nagano.cz OK2M], [http://www.dr5a.de/equipment/ DR5A], [http://www.qslnet.de/member/ok5tr/ OK5TR], [http://ok1hra.nagano.cz OK1HRA], [http://www.m1cro.org.uk/ G0VHF/M1CRO], [http://www.g1ogy.com/ G1OGY],[http://www.ok2fug.com/?p=117#more-117 OK2FUG], [http://ok1rca.tym.cz OK1RCA], [http://www.landshut.org/members/db1ras/funkfreunde/contestdl1e.htm DL1E], [[User:Dl5ybz|DL5YBZ]], OK2AIA, HG6Z, OM0AMI, [[User:UR6LAD|UR6LAD]], OK1KQH, OM3KEG, [http://www.f8kth.fr F8KTH], [http://www.aripadova.it/contest/66-iq3ww3-al-contest-sicilia-2008-50mhz- IQ3WW], [http://hannes.jochriem.at/ham_contest/49/darc-qrp-contest DK1HJ], [http://om3kmk.blogspot.com/2004_07_01_archive.html OM4K], [http://yt1et.ni5ni6.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=17&Itemid=26 YT1ET/YT3T].
=How to help?=
=How to help?=

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Tucnak Wiki

This site is intended to serve as documentation for Tucnak - hamradio VHF contest log. You can read it, create your own pages or correct spelling.

Site is in English only. I'm not able to maintain more languages than one. English is preferred because most of hams understand it. But this wiki is not restricted only to English - you can write pages in your mother tongue.

Because of spammer's attacks you must register to contribute to this wiki. Sorry.

If you want to be informed about site changes, add this URL into your RSS reader: http://tucnak.nagano.cz/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges&feed=rss

About Tucnak

Tucnak is a VHF contest logbook. Tucnak is executable on Linux operating system and also for other UNIX like operating systems. Can be run uder MS Windows with Cygwin library too (older version). You can download Tucnak from http://tucnak.nagano.cz.

Available translations of wiki

Machine translation can be done by Google:


First look at Changelog

Please download Tucnak here http://tucnak.nagano.cz/download.php#ver2

openSUSE users can find rpm packages here http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/ Even simpler, search for "tucnak" at http://software.opensuse.org/search and follow the instructions for 1-click installation.

ArchLinux users can build the AUR package tucnak2



Not fully completed yet, I'm working on it...

Tucnak users


How to help?

  • By testing stable and development branch of Tucnak and sending error list to me.
  • Help with refill data files like tucnakdw and tucnakwiz.
  • Laud about Tucnak :-)
  • If you have some idea how to improve Tucnak, please mail me this idea.
  • Write a new part of Tucnak.
  • Translate this documentation to other languages (or repair bugs in the English version :-) ).
  • Create package for your distribution.
  • Voluntary small contribute for beers please sent to author (to me).

73! Ladislav Vaiz, OK1ZIA

Obsolete branch 1

Tucnak: english documentation, česká dokumentace

SSB daemon: english documentation, česká dokumentace


Shortwave features

Optional exchange draft

Merge QSOs from all bands to one window

All bands statistics

Converting from TACLog

The source of inspiration for Tucnak was the DOS program TACLog (Author: Bo, OZ2M) as Lada, OK1ZIA freely admits. In the late 1990s TACLog was in regular use by over 200 stations, many continuing with the same logger today.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to run a full-service TACLog, with CQ-caller, CW keyer and auto PTT as it must run directly on MS-DOS and requires a 'real' Soundblaster card.
In this section I hope to provide useful information for those contemplating changing from TACLog to Tucnak and I would like to encourage everyone to add their knowledge and experience here to help and assist others coming after.
--'OGY 01:36, 17 August 2008 (CEST)