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LX (Log cross checker) is program for evaluation of VHF contest. It was originally written by Andrej OM1CW (sk). Now is taked and maintained by Lada OK1ZIA. Supported platform is primary Linux and secondary Win32 using Cygwin. Documentation for Lx.cfg, user manual in Czech is here.


Look at download directory. It is available as source codes and Win32 self-installer.




  • prevent to find my callsign by locator when station from my loc sent no log (OK1VEI-OK1KHI, OK2SSJ-OK2SSC)
  • valid qso count in results (also average computed from valid qso count)



  • top qsos per band



  • sortable result tables (must upload sorttable.js on web)
  • some css in html files
  • fixed IRSTS handle
  • force.wwl has priority if qso was found in other log using locator



  • don't check WWLs for /M and /MM
  • /p is uppercase
  • config parameters LPBC, STRLP
  • LP category is after normal category
  • have checklog flag in err files
  • updated tucnakdw
  • don't check WNC for /MM



  • checklog sort
  • checklog band name in title
  • checklog list only when qsos are in results
  • removed BR after H1 in lx.htm
  • lx.uni for unique calls



  • warning if call rewrite generate dupe
  • warning if rewritten calls are too different



  • fixed bug that could corrupt memory
  • updated part of UA wwls in tucnakdw
  • checklog list in results
  • valid contact of counterpart also for check logs
  • contest date watch +- 2 days



  • added list of categories to the top of HTML files
  • fixed WNC bug for prefixes with leading * in cty.dat (IT9)



  • included lxdipl.sh
  • added inttypes.h configure check
  • sent report checking



  • support for diploma creation
  • added check for empty RST



  • qso with claimed points=0 taken as dupe
  • fixed JN89=OM in tucnakdw
  • fixed psect=check recognition
  • removed bad dxcc error from screen, only in lx.err
  • LP_ added in default lx.cfg
  • fixed calls.bad file name in lx.cfg



  • claimed number of qsos also in score list



  • claimed number of qsoss in claimed score files
  • points have 6 digits in lx_claimed.txt



  • removed check log items in rep files
  • lx_claimed.txt



  • changed GHz bands: 120->122, 144->134
  • updated tucnakdw, synced with tucnak 2.27
  • fixed crash when PCALL is invalid (OK 1 JDJ). Tnx to OK1CDJ



  • added E7 and 4O, updated YU, removed T9 in tucnakdw
  • fixed EOL also for ERR and REF files



  • fixed html outputs to be valid
  • claimed scores in lx_claimed.htm



  • updated example of lx.cfg



  • updated cty.dat for E7
  • LP category, LP_ option in lx.cfg
  • fixed tucnakdw removing in uninstall.exe



  • fixed category parsing
  • fixed EOL writing and parsing under cygwin
  • in lx.err is file in which is unresolved call
  • fixed qrb calculation from square centers, tnx to DL5NAH



  • Reports are compared as strings (59R vs. 59S).
  • Nullsoft installer for windows
  • Compilable under cygwin with all features
  • Support for tucnakdw database (DXCC vs. big WWL)
  • Added autoconf/automake support
  • Sources arranged to standard unix tree


Older versions was maintained by OM4AA and are not covered by this document. Look at ChangeLog in source tree.


  • Nevim presne jak funguje definice kategorie v CATEG=*;SINGLE;Single. Pro nase ucely to uz je asi jedno, ale nekdy se hodi tam napsat vsechny mozne varitanty co lide vymysli nez je opravovat rucne.