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  • F1: takes a PNG screenshot and saves it to the contest directory or in ~/tucnak/
  • F2: saves QSOs from all bands
  • F3: erases input line and report
  • F3: opens contest
  • F4: switches between windows
  • F5..F8: executes call 0 .. 3 (CW or SSB)
  • F9,F10: main menu
  • F11..F12: exec call 4 .. 5
  • Shift+F3: New contest from network
  • Alt+B: switches bands
  • Alt+C: swaps callsigns in unfinished QSO
  • Alt+D: confirms callsign from database
  • Alt+E: confirms optional exchange
  • Alt+F: sets preferred QRG for skeds
  • Alt+G: S&P's request for QSO/RUN's confirm
  • Alt+H: shows history of input line or menu Help
  • Alt+I: informations about callsign
  • Alt+J: periodical CQ for A/C or M/S
  • Alt+K: displays previous "/CQ" item in KST chat
  • Ctrl+K: asks for callsign and writes /CQ command as above (only when window is active)
  • All+M: swaps CW/SSB modes
  • Alt+N: displays next item in history
  • Alt+O: changes operator
  • Alt+P: displays previous item in history
  • Alt+Q: exits from program
  • Alt+R: shows rotator control window (see Rotators)
  • Alt+S: sends sked
  • Alt+T: tune for PA
  • Alt+U: adds QSO to unfinished QSO
  • Alt+V: swaps locator
  • Alt+X: confirms locator from database
  • Alt+Y: erases unfinished QSO only
  • Alt+1..0: directly switchs to window 1 .. 10
  • Ctrl+A: turns first rotator to current azimuth (see Rotators)
  • Ctrl+B: turns second rotator to current azimuth
  • Ctrl+L: in textmode redraws screen
  • Ctrl+P: play last recorded WAV file
  • Ctrl+R: toggle between Run and S&P mode
  • Ctrl+V: allows insert special characters to input line. F.e. Press Ctrl+V then C to send Ctrl+C to program in shell.
  • Ctrl+Y: erases input line
  • Ctrl+A..Z: changes band (some combinations interference with other features)
  • Ctrl+0..9: directly switchs to window 10 .. 19
  • TAB: switches on PTT in SSB mode. Switch on transmitting from keyboard in CW mode.
  • Up Arrow: sets window active
  • ESC: finish CQ or switches to input line
  • Enter: if CW window is active it's closed
  • [: left horizontal scroll of log or window contents
  • ]: right horizontal scroll of log or window contents

Only in DXC window

Shift + key and Ctrl + key do not work under text mode.

  • Shift + Up: scroll bandmap to upper position
  • Shift + Down: scroll bandmap to lower position
  • Shift + PageUp: scroll bandmap half page to upper position
  • Shift + PageDown: scroll bandmap half page to lower position
  • Shift + Home: scroll bandmap to home position
  • Ctrl + Up: move actual bandmap to upper spot
  • Ctrl + Down: move actual bandmap to lower spot

Note: Ctrl + Arrows set rig frequency to upper/lower spot. Actual spot is changed after Tucnak reads new frequency and updates actual cursor.

Only in KST window

Shift + key does not work under text mode.

  • Shift + Up: scroll QRV list to upper position
  • Shift + Down: scroll QRV listto lower position
  • Shift + PageUp: scroll QRV listhalf page to upper position
  • Shift + PageDown: scroll QRV listhalf page to lower position
  • Shift + Home: scroll QRV listto home position

Only in Map window

Graphics polar map is shown only when Tucnak is run with SDL (X11, framebuffer, Windows).

  • c: center screen to QTH
  • l: show/hide azimuthal lines
  • p: zoom QSOs for photo (fits QSOs in)
  • r: redraw map
  • Cursor keys: moves the map
  • +,-: zoom map
  • F1: saves graphics window to contest directory in PNG picture format

Only in HF window

  • INS: moves multiplier list up
  • DEL: moves multiplier list down (no boundary check)

Only in QSOs window

  • A: toggle between active band qsos and all qsos

Only in Chart window

  • INS: insert TXT or EDI for next chart
  • HOME: insert data from existing contest
  • DEL: delete one of charts

Only in Scope window

  • Space: toggle display modes

Only in Player window

  • Left arrow - seek backward 2 secs
  • Right arrow - seek forward 1 sec
  • Down arrow - seek backward 10 secs
  • Up arrow - seek forward 10 secs
  • Space, P - play again current file

Other useful Linux keystokes

  • Alt+Fx - Changes active console to virtual console x (in console mode)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Fx - as above in X Window System
  • Alt+Left/Right Arrow - changes console from one to rigth/left

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