HF contest setup

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  • add HF bands to Band defaults menu [F9] [s] [b]
  • set prefered cw keying [F9] [s] [e]
  • select audio recording devices and set filename template [F9] [s] [d] good for contest audio archive http://ol5q.nagano.cz/audio.php
  • set CW macro memory [F9] [s] [c]
  • rig cat settings [F9] [s] [g] for CQ pileup recommended mark 'Clear RIT on RUN's QSO save' supported with Kenwood trx's
  • add HF sub window [F9] [w] [a] and move to [F4]
  • create new contest [F9] [c] [w]
  • set Run mode [F9] [e] [u]
  • [Enter] - call CQ | write call and [Enter] - tx EXCHANGE | write rx exchange and [Enter] - tx TU and CQ
  • repeated at least thousand times :)