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[https://www.tme.eu/gb/katalog/#search=tr-1/1 Transformer TR-1/1 www.tme.eu]
[https://www.tme.eu/gb/katalog/#search=tr-1/1 Transformer TR-1/1 www.tme.eu]
[https://www.gme.cz/konektor-jack-k3606d Jack 6.35 K3606D www.gme.cz]
[https://www.gme.cz/konektor-jack-k3606d Jack 6.35 K3606D www.gme.cz] or [https://www.gme.cz/konektor-jack-k36092b K36092B]
=SMT variant by OK2JTB=
=SMT variant by OK2JTB=

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Davac 4.0

Davac 4 was succesfully built by OK1USW, OK1UGE and OK2JTB.

Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram of Davac 4.0


Note: 600 DPI have images in Full resolution, MediaWiki uses thumbnails.

PCB www.hamshop.cz


Ondra OK1CDJ has made PCBs and offers it at www.hamshop.cz. Many TNX!


Transformer TR-1/1 www.tme.eu

Jack 6.35 K3606D www.gme.cz or K36092B

SMT variant by OK2JTB

All data: File:Davac4-ok2jtb.zip

Made by OK1UDC(SK) & OK1UGE

Note OK1ZIA: better use USB-B type connector

Combined Davac4 and contest machine RPi

Guys from OK1RPL made this amazing compact contest solution.