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  • set default rst-s after band change
  • accpet portaudio options in tucnakrc
  • accept subwin KST(15) as Shell in tucnakrc
  • fixed race condition in eventpipe mutex create



  • fixed map for photo feature
  • strip binaries in deb package
  • fixed sconn free bug
  • support for libpng 1.5, tnx to DL1JBE
  • fixed chart file not found message



  • hdkeyb is started only with rotar(s)
  • removed dump on Ctrl+L
  • fixed sdev error messages handling
  • fixed lockfile delete after keying device close
  • fixed crossmode warning in qso check
  • show wkd info from qrv list
  • fixed chart.c compile under msvc
  • fixed bug in CW speed using winkey. TNX to DL5YBZ
  • fixed font draw with height!=16 under graphic windows



  • wkd, qrv in qso info
  • alt+k accepts usernames like call-2 and call/p
  • ctrl+k does not add (CALL)
  • rst in edit qso saved as uppercase
  • network info for -i
  • actual band selected in band menu
  • show more chars of cw cq in menu
  • fixed minor bug in wiki and html export
  • fixed crash in wiki export without sdl
  • fixed crash in macro $B without contest



  • fixed crash in contest close



  • released as tribute to Douglas Adams. Don't panic!
  • fixed trace_sock
  • fixed udev script - usb_device -> usb
  • fixed some gcc warnings
  • html/http/wiki exports map and chart as png
  • http server for contest progress presentation
  • changed fifo time format to HH:MM
  • fixed wiki map description
  • fixed volume indicator flicker
  • fixed trace condition
  • show chart files without sdl
  • fixed grid & boundaries in map, tnx to DG6MAN
  • libgpm is disabled by default
  • fixed player and chart windows add
  • fixed network interfaces detect
  • ignored duplicate $GLIB_CFLAGS, $GLIB_LIBS in
  • new macros in tucnak -s



  • added _cv_ in autoconf cached variables
  • updated missing script
  • fixed iconv detection
  • fixed tucnakrc load under WIN32
  • sdev trace
  • trace rewrite
  • split master db into more strings
  • rewritten cbr items choice for OKOM DX
  • compile under msvc and ming but unusable at this time
  • fixed qrv edit/insert (should overwrite another item)
  • added player (and chart) window types in Add subwin
  • removed testing code for Ctrl+P in main inputline
  • experiments with waterfall palette and filtering
  • frequency axis in fft scope
  • frequency argument in soundwrapper for testing
  • tab complete file in file import
  • chart subwin
  • fixed cursor position in inputline history alt+h
  • degree sign in C_W quick search
  • fixed alt+letter in qrv search
  • rig error code instead of qrg
  • changed rig debug level
  • fixed rigs with unsupported rig_get_vfo()
  • +1/-1 alloc bugs detection with --enable-leak-debug
  • fixed qrv insert from keyboard
  • fixed text upcase in qrv insert/edit



  • fixed ftdi_context portability between libftdi versions
  • qso gain diagram
  • qrv gain diagram respects worked count
  • qrv item insert
  • qrv item edit
  • new contest loads ~/tucnak/qrv
  • fixed qrv points drawing when mouse move



  • fixed bug in map window during contest load
  • fixed memory alloc problem in master db
  • degree sign as hexa constant 0xb0
  • rewritten qrv database
  • fixed master database comment filter
  • increased length of contest option numbers, tnx to RU2FM
  • calls from master database are never deleted
  • fixed contest date in contest options
  • qso check warning if exists remark
  • fixed qsonr in cabrillo output, tnx to OK1HRA
  • fixed avg unit pts/km in wiki and html output
  • fixed compile without various --without combinations
  • removed forgotten font13x24.png create
  • QRG in edit QSO
  • correct size of screenshots in HTML export
  • fixed runmode CQ without hamlib, tnx to DL1JBE
  • fixed Ctrl+3 to Ctrl+9 under SDL
  • wav player seems to be usable



  • two letters input moved to unresolved area
  • fixed some minors in runmode, tnx to OK3MAD
  • fixed soundwrapper sound frequency
  • rewritten runmode for A1/MMC
  • fixed runmode CQ only in CW mode (TNX to OK1HRA/TC03W)
  • fixed runmode TU
  • skeleton for wiki publish
  • fixed TU give in run mode
  • > for qrb>average in qsocheck
  • changed delay between hamlib rig calls for slow radios
  • fixed string truncate in inputline insert
  • rig freq read reads from actual VFO
  • rig mode change keeps bandwidth
  • fixed autogive=0
  • expedition mode



  • fixed rig ID choose
  • fixed segv in loading of contest with HF window and > 6 active bands
  • do not add 'similar call' to qsocheck when this call is also worked
  • set rig handshake to none (default for TS850 is CTS/RTS)
  • set rig timeout to 500ms (480s is unusable)
  • gdb and rigctl under cygwin
  • fixed cygncurses-9 dependency for sh.exe under cygwin
  • updated tucnakdw (4X, ZC4, many UA)
  • improved edit qso time parsing
  • autogive mode after some typed chars
  • macro $B
  • bell sign for character 7 under sdl
  • in macro $I dots are replaced by question marks
  • added baudrate for rig control
  • fixed R9SA parsing as report (tnx to OK1HRA)
  • WAZ and ITU in HF window
  • rewritten exc list in HF window
  • master call database
  • fixed SFI parse
  • "live" QSO list in HF window
  • enlarged layout of HF window
  • updated UA wwls in tucnakdw
  • fixed missing excs display
  • argument -m sets time from master PC
  • 'c' key for center screen to QTH
  • 'p' key for photo in map
  • fixed second part of CQSOs for method 16
  • summery table with links to bands in html export
  • fixed buffer and period time to ms (was us)
  • similar calls are computed using Levenshtein distance
  • cleared qso check message
  • fixed top10 formatting for qrb>=1000 km
  • reverted to old udev rule style (for lenny)
  • fixed memory leaks in dwdb.c, rotar.c



  • fixed crash in fft calculation
  • support for Championnat de France THF
  • alt-j: short access for A/C and M/S cq
  • qrv list save
  • configure checks for make
  • fixed large qso number display in global QSO mode, tnx to DL5YBZ
  • support for prefixes with slash (3D2/C)
  • fixed crash after IT9x call (* in prefix in cty.dat), tnx to DL5YBZ
  • fixed $MN macro, tnx to OK1HRA (GL in WPX!)
  • send CW2 and save QSO also after QSONR
  • list import
  • support for odd/even/1st/2nd TX (MS,AERO)
  • fixed suid of soundwrapper
  • updated cty.dat
  • SYSFS{} changed to ATTR{} for new udev versions



  • changed time separator from . to :
  • four digits are QSO number, not month and day of month
  • deb package uses suided soundwrapper
  • macro $I
  • fixed statistics calculation after loading of contest
  • added frequency to adif export
  • fixed exchange output in cabrillo and adif export
  • changed format of ChangeLog to Mediawiki source format
  • get back generated debian/changelog, it seems we have no DEB maintainer



  • fixed usaca multiple names
  • rit clear after qso save in run mode
  • support for ARRL International DX Contest
  • fixed ARRL VHF scoring
  • turned off cq repeat for cwdaemon
  • rig changes: poll interval, mode and band transfer



  • cabrillo export for ARRL VHF contests
  • fixed leak debug on AMD64
  • fixed double rig_cleanup()
  • fixed using of non-serial ports in hamlib (f.e. rpc.rigd, type 1901)
  • rover (/R) are not dupe when are in different big wwl
  • fixed EDI properties dialog
  • script for Asus EEE binary and optimized configuration
  • updated tucnakrc (HF bands, windows)



  • fixed crash if mode is changed without FFT window. TNX to DF4OR
  • crossmode test in QSO check



  • fixed device locking under cygwin, tnx to G1OGY



  • fixed corrupted contest date display in Open contest from net
  • fixed tucnakdw; JN89 is in OM
  • fixed cwdaemon and sdev double freeing
  • recording level has filtered DC
  • CW window holds PTT all time it is opened
  • removed debugging show of 1's under volume indicator
  • fixed (null) display in empty qrv list
  • speeded up sdl key repeat
  • removed delayed screen redraw
  • fixed KST new call upcase
  • DX network command sends only valid spots, no KST or other garbage
  • fixed rig qrg display (mode switch worked)
  • fixed ebw db import error message