CI-V interface

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Tested with: IC-706MKIIG, IC-7400


Schematics of USB2CIV

I've used my favourite USB to serial converter FT232RL in recommended wiring. After many experiments I've found it is not possible to make interface without supply from radio. Radio provides voltage through high impedance. It can work statically but reaching real communication speeds is impossible, rise edges are too slow. Supply can be about +5 to +12V . For my purpose best fits +8V from microphone connector (pin 1) next to the CI-V jack (on IC706 family).

Solder only one of connectors X1, X2. X1 is standard USB-B female, X2 can be used if you want to use other cable than A-B.



On the pictures is version for IC-706MKIIG - supply is connected to microphone RJ-45, pin 1.

Used box can be obtained here: