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Sweep is an audio editor. We can use it for listening of recorded WAVs. Instalation on Debian-like distibutions is easy:

apt-get install sweep

I like Midnight commander so one of my first commands on freshly installed Linux is:

apt-get install mc

Now we must associate WAV files for sweep. Create or edit ~/.mc/bindings

   Open=sweep %f

Next paragraphs implies you have WAV Template set to:


Run mc in your favourite terminal program (konsole, xterm, ...) and navigate to contest records. Default place is ~/tucnak/records/ . You can see here directories named by date (%Y%m%d). Enter date directory and next, named by hour (%H). Here are all files recorded in specifed hour. They are ordered by time (%H.%M.%S) and file name ended by callsign ($V) and code mark ($E).

Code mark is very useful to find proper WAV file if you tryed to make QSO for long time. Mark is set when you entered contest code during WAV recording. You must not to listen all files but only these interesting.

Press Enter on file you like to listen. Sweep runs and opens it. Press Space to start playback. Next useful keys are Page Up and Page Down as common functions Rev and FF.