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How to import the DL8EBW Database in Tucnak2

(Tucnak Version 2.13..V2.15 , DL8EBW V240.dbf and V250.dbf tested)

Preface: I found, that the way mentioned in the Wiki seems to be out dated and it does not work for me running Tucnak2 V2.15, so I decided to add this short info to the wiki that my help others with the same problem getting started. My Tucnac 2.15 was compiled from the .tar archive offered by Lada running on Debian SID just using the "./configure" and "make" way.--Dl5ybz 11:24, 6 October 2008 (CEST)

Getting started

After all, you will find a database file called VHF250.dbf after unpacking Guys archive This is the .dbf file, we are aiming at.

What is the problem?

This file must be copy to fixed place and should be called "vhf.dbf", otherwise tucnak realize only nothing and imports nothing to the contest database files, but how to find this location?

One way to find the magic place

  • To find the folder to copy the DL8EBW's database to, you might take a look at Lada's source code
->  /tucnak..../src  -> File ebw.c   

is good plase to start .. at the end of the file you will see the path expected :

return load_ebw_from_file(cw, namedb, SHAREDIR"/vhf.dbf");

Notice: SHAREDIR is constant, NOT the name of the file .. so we have to find the declaration of the constant. SHAREDIR. Use the good old grep to do the job for you:


to scan all source code for SHAREDIR... but no hit for a definition!? Right... SHAREDIR is set in the config file... so step up from ./ scr one folder Look out for "config.h" or just use <grep SHAREDIR *> again.. and Bingo.. you will find something like

config.log:#define SHAREDIR "/usr/local/share/tucnak2" 

telling us that on my system the SHAREDIR is "/usr/local/share/tucnak2". This may differ from yours or from another version of tucnak.. and this is the reason why I explained a possible (maybe not the best..) way to detect the right folder from the source and not just telling you to use "/usrlocal/share/tucnak2" that may fail for you.

So what I have to do?

Move the DL8EBW's database file vhf250.dbf to the SHAREDIR "/usr/local/share/tucnak2" named as vhf.dbf ! Just chance directory to the folder, the orignal DL8EBW vhf250.dbf is in and copy the file by doing

(inside the DL8EBW folder!) : cp ./vhf250.dbf   /usr/local/share/tucnak2/vhf.dbf

(keep in mind.. the DL8EBW file name depends on the version of the database file... look for "vhf2***.dbf" in general.)

Now you can use the Edit Menu -> Import DL8EBW Datebase and you will see the updated tucnakcw file in your ~/tucnak folder.

(the name import does not work for me? ..I don't care about this never looked for the OP's name in the test.. but this might be an bug...)