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Programming FTDI devices

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=Programming FT232R=
This page describes how to programm the FT232R chip for use in:
* Davac4 / [[Převodník_USB_→_LPT_pro_Dávač_3.x|USB2LPT]] + [[Dávač_3.0]] or [[Dávač_3.3]]
* Manufacturer to OK1ZIA
* Product Description by table bellow
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[[Image:MProgControlPanel.png|none|frame|Control panel with new device]]
=Repair wrong VID/PID=
If you do a mistake and programm wrong Vendor/Product IDs to FT232R, you can try this recover procedure:
* Get real VID/PID from MProg or from Device Manager (Properties, Details, Hardware ID)
* Read section 4 of []
* Modify D2XX/CDM drivers to match device VID/PID. Leave only one device item like:
* Scan devices in MProg, it should find the device
* Set proper values of VID/PID and programm these
* Without replug, Uninstall drivers in Device Manager
* Replug revice, it should have new VID/PID