Programming FTDI devices

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This page describes how to programm the FT232R chip for use in:

You need (obsoleted by FT_Prog but always work.

Run MProg

MProg initial state

Disconnect all possible USB devices (can contain FTDI chip also). Connect your device with FT232R. Press Ctrl+N to create new programming template. Press Ctrl+C to scan. MProg responds in bottom box:

Number Of Blank Devices = 0
Number Of Programmed Devices = 1
Device Product ID Product description
Davac4 A110 Davac 4.x
Rotar4 A112 Antenna rotator 4.x
HDKEYB A114 HD44780 + Keyboard

In Device Type combo choose FT232R. Change:

  • USB VID/PID to Own VID & PID
  • Vendor ID to A600
  • Product ID by table above
  • Manufacturer to OK1ZIA
  • Product Description by table above